welcome the server got a new minigames called DEATH SWAP 
wait what you dont know what deathswap is well screw you no just joking
i can understand i was not knowing until like 3 days ago but it is awesome 
there are 2 players they get random tp about 20.000 blocks away from elchore 
they cant hit elchore the only way to win is with traps you get at random times switch you places so be carefull it is a awesome game it goes 100 % automatic i hope you all enjoy i will upload a youtube vid of it
wanna play it join ore server and typ /ds join

after furious_4 cheated on agent_blinky
i feel bad for agent the happy point is she is co-owner now
congratulation this is a huge presentation you know i was when you where first on server never expacting you to be co-owner but you build your way up and now you are co owner i hope you enjoy and if you read this leave a message see you later
so as you have maybe noticed we got a new server spawn this was a lot of work and i think we did a good job it is still in beta version not every thing at spawn is working yet
i will leave a special thanks to the following people
to get started
JDUB thanks for helping
Agent_blinky a huge thanks for building statue of me
reaper72_ for the shop a lot of building and for bringing me on the  idea for inf chest
just to get started ASFJerome and bajancanadian are awesome and i loved it to play with them it was awesome
why where they on ? = because i payed them a lot of money
why did you pay them = for advertisement but that did not go very well
now they are on when nobody is online sometimes that was that